Localedge Customer Dashboard

In 2015, Localedge completely changed the look and feel of their customer dashboard experience from dated and impractical to modernized and user-friendly.

My Role

I lead the re-design of the customer dashboard. The previous design was severly out of date, in 2014. My job was to modernize the interface and to address customer pain-points related to the product management and reporting experiences.

Customer Insights & Ideation

I collaborated with three product specialists to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviors and issues.

Strategy & Vision

I created wireframes, mockups and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. This helped spark conversation for new and different ideas, and drive decision making.

Planning & Scope

I worked with product team members to define each product and its' purpose. We balanced both customer goals and business goals. I negotiated and helped prioritize new features for launch and beyond.

Direction & Coordination

I collaborated with developers and worked with them on the finalized design direction using CSS and HTML standards.

Design Execution

I designed and executed wireframes, mockups, prototypes and design specs, which became finals and resulted in what is live on the dashboard today.

The Vision

Interactive, Responsive, Appealing, User Friendly

Our vision for the dashboard was to create a tool that made users feel a need to view their product's reporting stats on a regular basis with ease of accessibility. Design wise, this meant more interactivity, the ability to view on a mobile device, and a clean look and feel.


The Challenge

Increase Customer Engagement

The customer dashboard, formerly known as the "Launchpad", was a data tool that suffered from a severe lack of customer engagement. It was difficult to use and didn't display data in a way that customers might find appealing. The idea was to make data look interesting, and to design an environment that would be easier to navigate, enticing users to login to their dashboard more.

Another challenge was incorporating data and the graphs from a separate business intelligence software that Localedge is using to manage reporting data, which meant we were limited on style for any graphs shown in the dashboard. We were able to work around that style block to the best of our abilities, and we continue to research new ways to stretch customization to ensure we keep up to date on a modern look and feel.

Customer Launchpad

Customer Dashboard

The Framework

How We Got There

The biggest challenge I faced throughout this project was balancing moving forward with designs, while collaborating with the product specialists and developers. Since this project touched every part of Localedge's products, I needed to coordinate and get buy‐in from many teams. This was tough.

Managing feedback was even more challenging because viewpoints were overall quite diverse. The team spent a heavy amount of time debating design decisions — when there wasn’t always data that could easily be gathered to help drive a decision.

Additionally, because we were incorporating some old technology into the new dashboard as well as the seperate reporting data software, some design decisions were made that were not ideal. Much of the process became, "how far can we stretch this design concept with the foundation we already have built?" This eventually caused for some inconsistent design solutions throughout the application and thus caused for many failed tickets on the Quality Assurance end.

The Portal

I realized this pattern a few legs into the project and invested time into creating documentation to help alleviate the technology pains, and better articulate and illustrate the overall design concept and standards to follow.

I developed a UX/UI Portal. This includes sections for mockups, prototypes and the ui standards. It is a constant work in progress, however it has helped us to set rules for certain items and use them towards new design and development plans, company wide.

The Execution

Bringing it to life

The gallery below shows some of the app designs on a desktop and an iPhone. (This is still in progress)

Customer Launchpad

Customer Dashboard